Chris Baird

Residential Real Estate

About Chris Baird

Chris Baird is a real estate professional and contractor based in Bradenton, Florida. He specializes in all aspects of residential real estate and has over twenty-one years of experience in the industry. His company, 941 Houses, was founded in 2021 to make an impact on the community.

As an expert in the real estate industry, Chris Baird has had plenty of unique and interesting opportunities. He purchased his first property in 2002, a duplex, while still in college. He then began helping others find properties and, within two years, was helping multiple other investors and landlords buy properties in California, Oregon, and Washington. In this role, Chris took pride in providing personable and professional service to his buyers and partners as they acquired real estate. His primary goal was finding the perfect properties and deals for his partners. As such, his partners always moved forward feeling cared for.

As an entrepreneur and son born into a third-generation plumbing family, Chris has been around business-minded people since a young age; he started helping on job sites at the age of 7 and spent the last 34 years around the plumbing and construction industry.

As a business owner for nearly 22 years, Chris has learned what it takes to have a successful company by being a visionary — growing, analyzing, delegating, managing, eliminating, and leading close to 800 successful home projects.

Chris has a dynamic approach with a highly inspirational personality that knows how to motivate himself and his team. Chris leads by example and seeks to simplify systems while delegating to the most capable team members.


  • Bachelor of Science and a 4 Year Degree in Business Administration and Speech Communication
  • In Business for himself since 2002
  • Over 200 Total Remodels on Single Family Homes since 2015
  • Had 150 Tenants at one time
  • 1000+ Loans and Notes paid out to Lenders and partners
  • Published a book on the topic of real estate investing



  • By 2014, Chris had accumulated a line of credit for $38 million, which was exclusively used in real estate projects.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only role keeping Chris Baird busy. He is the founder and owner of 941 Houses. 941 Houses has worked in the greater Sarasota area for years, helping owners quickly and efficiently sell their homes and partners and investors buy new ones. The company helps owners stuck in difficult situations by buying properties and enabling them to move on with life. Chris Baird, alongside his company, then work hard to turn the property around, making it comfortable and ready for resale. Chris Baird is a licensed and bonded general contractor in Florida. He holds a Roofing License and a Plumbing license on top of the GC license. In addition, he works with two superintendents that help manage his properties and has around 25 – 35 daily active employees – his projects typically number anywhere from ten to twenty projects at any given time. Chris and 941 Houses simultaneously work on this many projects to save costs while providing opportunities and value.

  • In 2017 Chris purchased over 60 homes to flip or hold
  • In 2019 Chris purchased a 70 unit RV Park
  • In 2020 Chris Purchased a 9-unit apartment complex
  • In 2021 Chris did $1,700,000 in construction and paint projects and $1,050,000 in plumbing revenue, and he purchased eight (8) properties
  • In 2022 Chris Purchased 20 projects and performed $3,800,000 in construction projects
  • In 2023 Chris will buy 40 homes and do $6,000,000 of construction here in Sarasota and Tampa Bay metropolitan areas.

Over the years, Chris Baird has learned how to work in every aspect of real estate. Since Chris Baird opened his own real estate business, he has remodeled over five hundred and thirty single-family homes. He houses around eighty-two tenets, including managing loans and other parts of the rental process.

Chris Baird credits much of his determination and success to his early experiences in life. This includes being raised by his family, including a father who was a third-generation plumber. As such, Chris grew up around hard workers and business people, which taught him the value of these traits. He was allowed to help the family business starting at the age of seven and proceeded to work within the industry for the next thirty years.